Maintenance Tips for Your Chevrolet Truck

Certified technician inspects car engine

In general, trucks have more complicated engine systems and technologies to be able to deliver the power you need. That means maintenance can be more demanding — and more crucial to your truck’s longevity. For your protection, safety, and overall vehicle performance, it’s important that you stay on top of all service milestones.


Stay on top of all routine maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations.

Schedule an appointment with Quick Chevrolet of Bangor, Maine, at every crucial milestone for your Chevy truck, as outlined in its owner’s manual. The most common types of service include oil changes and tire rotations, but your Silverado or Colorado will eventually need other types of maintenance on everything from brakes and the battery to wheels and the engine. By servicing at our dealership, you can expect certified techs — who have been specially trained in Chevrolet car care — meaning they can spot potential issues earlier and more easily, offering affordable solutions that prevent problems from becoming dangerous and expensive to fix.

Keep tires properly inflated.

Regularly check your tire pressure and inflate or deflate as necessary. Proper inflation ensures safer driving and better efficiency.

Don’t park outside, if possible.

Especially in rain and snow, it is important to keep your truck in a garage or under a carport. This is important for all vehicles, but especially trucks, which are meant to last decades. The less yours is exposed to the elements, the longer you can expect to go without needing to worry about rust to your Chevy pickup’s body. Regular washes and waxes can also help here.

Keep everything properly lubricated.

We will ensure everything is lubricated as needed during every service appointment, but if you get under the hood in between visits, it never hurts to grease up the steering suspension and drivetrain zerks with a high-quality lube.

If your Silverado or Colorado needs a bit of attention — or if you just want some more advice on how to keep your truck running like new for years to come — don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with the service experts at Quirk Chevrolet Of Bangor.


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